Refined Vim Experience for OS X
UPDATE: We recently, June 2016, started to migrate the VimR from MacVim backend to a NeoVim backend. We experimented with NeoVim a bit (nvox) and now we are confident enough to think that VimR can be backed by NeoVim. It will take some time though till the transition is complete. Bear with us!
v0.8.0 for 10.9+ • GitHub ProjectContributorsMailing listDocsIssuesSnapshot Builds • Created by Tae Won Ha
If you want to support the development of VimR financially, you can do it via Bountysource.

Full Vim

Look ma, no emulation! VimR has full Vim inside. This means for instance that you can use all your favorite plugins.

File Browser

Have an overview over your files. The file browser of VimR offers NERDTree inspired keyboard bindings, e.g. hjkl and more!

Fuzzy File Find

Open files blazingly fast via Open Quickly à la Xcode! (or Go to File à la TextMate)

Flexible Plugin System

VimR is extensible via plugins, e.g. for previewing various file formats. Markdown preview is included and more coming!